Following the traces of the Urban Transition Lab 131 – Part III Social Affairs & Spaces

It has almost been three years since the real world lab project Urban Transition Lab 131 was launched under the umbrella of the framework ... read more

Following the traces of the Urban Transition Lab 131 – Part II Mobility

We continue our blog series about the Urban Transition Lab 131. Since 2015 when the project was launched, scientists and citizens have the ... read more

Great news: The real-world lab will be extended!

From knowledge to action: under this motto and with the support of the real-world lab District Future and the Urban Transition Lab 131, a ... read more

Following the traces of the Urban Transition Lab 131 – Part I Consumption

It has almost been three years since the real world lab project Urban Transition Lab 131 was launched under the umbrella of the framework ... read more


Bye bye plastic bottles – Karlsruhe’s Future Space becomes part of the “Refill” campaign

From now on the Future Space for sustainability and science (Zukunftsraum) in Karlsruhe – Oststadt is an official “Refill” station ... read more

We and our things. From consumers to users of our products?

Each person living in Europe owns an average of 10 000 items – a figure set to increase. Antje Di Foglio of the District Future team is ... read more

TATuP thematic focus on real world labs is looking at a new form of research

An article by Richard Beecroft & Alexandra Quint District Future is – from the scientific perspective – a real world lab. But ... read more


Book release: Designing Sustainable Urban Futures

Cities have great potential to become sustainable habitats. Challenges, concepts and approaches along the way are described in ... read more


Summer break 2015

The District Future team takes a summer break from August 3th until August 28th 2015. During this time, there will be no external ... read more

The Future Space

Within the last weeks, the Future Space had been filled with life, once inaugurated by the team of District Future and Urban Transition Lab ... read more

Opening! Future Space!

Opening! Future Space! Bit by bit, the Future Space has been filled with life during the last weeks. It has been painted and furnished. Now ... read more

Zukunftsraum wird eröffnet

Noch stehen die Räume in der Rintheimer Straße 46 leer. Bald aber werden sie sich mit Leben füllen, wenn sie vom Quartier Zukunft und ... read more

Exhibition ship presents District Future

From April to September 2015 the exhibition ship MS Wissenschaft will set sail. An exhibit of  “District Future – Urban Lab” is part ... read more

District Future is supporting a project of the city of Freiburg

In Freiburg's "Future Labs" many different actors are searching for solutions for a sustainable development of city districts. The team of ... read more


Baden-Württemberg funds "Urban Transition Lab" in Karlsruhe

The Ministry of Science, Research, and the Arts of the state of Baden-Württemberg will fund the "Reallabor 131 – KIT findet Stadt" ... read more

Insights | September 2014

Insights is a format for short news. The District Future – Urban Lab team uses it in order to illustrate steps and procedures of the ... read more

Start of the BürgerForum Sustainable Oststadt

The BürgerForum Sustainable Oststadt | Future in citizens’ hands will start on 11 October. You are cordially invited to ... read more

Summer break

The District Future team takes a summer break from August 11th until August 31st 2014. During this time, there will be no external ... read more

Insights | July & August 2014

Here it is: the first issue of the new news format Insights. We look back on the Baden-Württemberg Sustainability Days 2014. Further ... read more

Launch of new news format "Insights"

With the new news format “Insights”, the team of District Future – Urban Lab illuminates the workflow within the project work with ... read more

Open air living room

Recovering from everday stress and routine, talking to your neighbor and experiencing the life on the doorstep: bring life to public spaces ... read more

Sustainability 2014: Pathways to the sustainable city

In May 2014, the District Future – Urban Lab hosted the international conference Sustainability 2014: Future Urban Development at ... read more

Invitation: Interactive Dialogue | Future Urban Mobility

How do we move in the future? What might a future urban mobility look like that is designed with the need of people in mind? How do ... read more

Recognition as official project of UN Decade 2014

We are happy to announce that the District Future - Urban Lab was recognized by the German UNSECO Commission as "Official Project for the ... read more

International Conference Sustainability 2014

In cooperation with the transatlantic research initiative “Forum on Sustainable Technological Development in a Globalizing World” and ... read more

European City – Pathways towards Sustainability

Today, European cities more than ever appear in a variety of forms and structural transformations: open city, shrinking city, Teletopia, ... read more

District Future takes a time out

Deceleration! The District Future takes a time out. The project team makes time for recreation and reflexion between Februar 24th until ... read more

District Future starts in Karlsruhe Oststadt

It’s official now: The District Future project starts in the Oststadt of Karlsruhe. In the coming years, the existing district will be ... read more


World Cleanup Day 2013: talking instead of doing?

It was a surprise: the District Future – Urban Lab stand proved to be more popular among citizens than the Karlsruhe Cleanup action ... read more

World Clean up Day 2013 in Karlsruhe

World Cleanup Day 2013 in Karlsruhe: The District Future – Urban Lab cleans up! On 21th September the World Cleanup Day 2013 takes ... read more

Documentation work report and brainstorming workshop 2013

The District Future – Urban Lab presented its first work report and held a brainstorming workshop on 22 June 2013 in Karlsruhe. The aim ... read more

District Future – Urban Lab at the 11th ICSA conference

Introducing District Future – Urban Lab in the International Communal Studies Association conference „Communal Pathways to Sustainable ... read more



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